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School Education

School System:
THF follow a system of education having traditional Tibetan education as its core and modern education as its essential co-partner. Currently, THF administers four schools: a senior secondary school at Mussoorie, a secondary school at Rajpur, two middle schools; oneeach at (GohriMafi)Rishikesh and Dekyiling. Each of these schools have a pre-primary section. The nomenclature of all the schools are as Hermann Gmeiner Tibetan Homes School.
All the schools are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi, and follows CBSE curriculum and NCERT textbooks at secondary and senior secondary level. At the pre-primary and primary level, we follow as per Basic Education Policy (BEP) for Tibetans in exile, the schools follow the curriculum and textbooks prepared by the Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala. 

Residential facility for students:
Currently there are 31 Homes, 11 SOS Homes and 1 hostel catering to the residential needs of Mussoorie. Each Home is staffed with a couple foster parents while the SOS Homes are looked after by a home mother each. THF Rajpur accommodates senior boys and girls in separate hostels while junior students are housed in 14 SOS homes. Each SOS Home is taken care of by a foster mother while the hostels are looked after by a warden and a matron. All the Homes and Hostels are installed with reading corner with wide range of books catering to the need of all level of students. 
  Tibetan Homes School,GohriMafi Rishikesh has 12 Homes which are taken care by a foster parent each. 

Special Classes:
In the beginning of academic session, every year special classes are conducted especially for over-aged children arriving from Tibet and also for those hailing from the most remote border localities of Nepal, Ladakh, Lahaul Spiti for intensive coaching to enable them to catch up with average standard of the main stream grades.

Vocational Training Centre:
THF has set up a Vocational Training facility in order to provide career options to students who have little or no inclination to pursue an academic course. To empower such students with skill in a trade or art form that is best suited to his/her aptitude which has the potential for a definite lifelihood career. The training curriculum includes traditional Tibetan Thanka (scroll painting) painting, Oil Painting, traditional Tibetan or modern dress making, professional driving, hair dressing etc. The students are trained by traditionally qualified teacher or instructor. Apart from equipping the students for a career, it also contributes, in a small way through, to sustaining some of the unique Tibetan art forms. Presently, there are 35 students and 9 instructors/trainers and administrative personnel.  

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