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  1. Who established THF, when and what is its legal status? - THF was established by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in November 1962 with late Mrs. Rinchen Dolma Taring as its first General Secretary. It is a registered charity in India. 
  2. What is the primary mission of THF? - The prime objective of THF is giving of protection and help and education to the Tibetans in India, particularly to the Tibetan children, on all levels of human life, physical, social, cultural, religious and spiritual. 
  3. Who are the primary beneficiaries of THF? - The beneficiaries of THF are divided into two categories - children and elderly. Among the children it has been children escaping from Tibet who comprise of over 70 % of the total strength while the remaining are orphans, semi-orphan or from destitute families. As for the elderly, they come from both Tibet and Tibetan settlement here in India. 
  4. What form of support is provided to the beneficiaries? - To the beneficiaries THF has two categories of support - a) all round care - children and elderly live with THF. B) Family strengthening program - THF reaches out to children and elderly in different families in India and supports education or maintenance. 
  5. What are facilities THF has and where? - To meet the goals of the Foundation THF runs Children's homes, Schools, a Vocational Training Centre, Old People homes and other ancillary facilities. The projects of THF are situated in Mussoorie, Rajpur and Rishikesh. 
  6. What is a day's life in the child at the Foundation? - A child grows up in a wholesome environment at the Foundation. The day begins early morning at 5:30 am followed with morning runs, exercises, prayers, study and breakfast before leaving for School which begins at 8:30 am. The School is until 3: 30 pm with a lunch recess in the afternoon. Tea time is at 4:00 pm after which they have free play hours, study, evening prayers, dinner and bed time is at 9:00 pm. Other than this daily routine, it is the beautiful home structure of the upbringing which moulds every child here to become self reliant and productive member of the community. A child learns to take responsibility of cooking, cleaning, looking after younger ones and fc-course within the Tibetan culture and traditional structure grows up into a true Tibetan citizen.
  7. Is the School education imparted by you to children recognized outside? - The Tibetan Homes School is affiliated to the National Board of Education recognized by the Indian Colleges and universities. The students after graduating from the School have the opportunity to pursue any kind of education they prefer in India or otherwise. 
  8. What are the different languages learnt by children at School and what are opportunities for them after school? - Children learn three languages - Tibetan, English and Hindi at School. The medium of instruction at School is Tibetan until grade V and thereafter the medium is English. The children have an open world of opportunities after their School education which is made available by the School Career Counselor. The School has all three streams of study for the senior grade XI and XII viz Commerce, Science and Arts. 
  9. Who finances the works of the Foundation? - Since the Foundation is a registered charity all its expenses are met through charities received in form of sponsorships and donations from individuals and NGO's. The Foundation has no commercial set up to raise funds for its functions. 
  10. What is the organizational set up of THF? - At the helm of the affairs of Foundation is the Governing Body chaired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama who frame policies and programs of the Foundation. The General Secretary is the Chief Executive appointed by the Governing Body for implementation of the policies and smooth management of the organization. Over all the administration functions under respective sections with an in-charge. 
  11. What happens to children who are unable to complete their School? - Not all children are academically inclined therefore other alternatives of learning vocational studies or skills are available for children within campus or in outside learning centres. 
  12. What happens after the children graduate from School? - Children after graduating School pursue higher studies depending on their interests and marks obtained in the School leaving examinations. THF has a Scholarship program under which all students register for their higher studies. 
  13. Finally where will the child go after completing his or her higher studies, would he or she return to Tibet? - It entirely depends on the individual child, once the child has completed his or her higher education it will be his or her decision where they wish to go. Some return back to Tibet, while some work within the Tibetan community in exile while some are absorbed in the Indian community. 
  14. Do the children have any contacts with their parents in Tibet? -  Yes, some of them have contacts while some do not. 
  15. How can I support THF in its activities? - You can support THF mainly in two ways. A) Financially - by joining children or elderly sponsorship program or by making general donations or by donating for specific projects, or by asking friends and potential donors to financially support the works of the Foundation. B) Services - by donating time and special skills that are needed in the works of the Foundation. 
  16. How does sponsorship of a child or elderly work? - The sponsorship program works in a simple way - a child or an elderly is assigned to you and you meet the expenses of the beneficiary in part of full. In return you are in contact with your sponsored beneficiary and receive reports and photos and are also most welcome to visit him or her. 
  17. What is the cost of sponsoring a child at School and at College? - The cost of sponsoring a child while at School is Indian Rupees 30,000/- per year while in college it is Indian Rupees 59,000/- per year. The above costs meet all the expenses of the child in terms of lodging, boarding, and education, medical and so on.
  18. What is the cost of sponsoring an elderly? - The cost of sponsoring an elderly is Indian Rupees 24000/- per year. The cost covers all the needs of the elderly for a year. 
  19. Do my donations to THF give me any relief in tax? - All donations made to THF are exempted under Section 80G and 10(23c) of Income Tax Act 1961. 
  20. Does taking up sponsorship mean a long time commitment of entire educational support of the child? - Since our work is charity based, we understand charity comes from oneself and no one can be compelled to help others. However, we greatly appreciate if the sponsorship provided is long time. 
  21. Can I make small donations rather than the entire sponsorship costs? - Yes! Our system of working is pooling resources thus any amount of support is greatly appreciated. 
  22. What is your "Out - reach Community Programme"? - This stands to provide stipend towards those children and elders who we can't take under our complete shelter. In case of children, we pay school fees. For elders, stipends to cover the basic necessities. These children and elders belongs to different Tibetan rehabilitated centres in India who approach us on the basis of recommendation letter from the respective Tibetan welfare offices of their centres. 
  23. How you define your "Vocational Training Centre"? - Since its inception in the year 1965, VTC have been training those students who are academically weak but have interest in arts and tailoring. The course duration here is from 4 to 5 years. 
  24. What is sponsorship program? - A child sponsorship program is a contribution made regularly by an individual, donor or an organization as a means of supporting children on a long term basis undertaking the financial responsibilities of the sponsored child's all round care including his education and medical needs. 
  25. Why sponsor a child? - Majority of our children belongs to the underprivileged sections of our community whose parents can't afford with the normal upbringing of their child. And we have that group of children under our shelter who escape from Tibet leaving behind their family and relative with no one in India to be called as their own only to achieve proper education and normal growth. These children are either orphan or semi-orphan. Our foundation being purely based on donation, we need sponsors. 
  26. How will I benefit? - As a helper, you have the power to make a difference in the life of others. As a sponsor, you will get regular updates about your sponsored child. 
  27. How will the child benefit from the money I provide? - Your every little contribution takes care of our children's education, medical needs, daily necessities and will provide him or her with a well nurtured future. 
  28. If I want to sponsor a child, how to start with? - You may choose to pay quarterly, half-yearly or annually at our organization's bank details you can find in this web page. 
  29. What you do if I send my sponsorship donations? - Our sponsorship section will send you the case profile of the child along with his photographs, a copy of our recent activities and information about THF. 
  30. Can I communicate with my sponsored child? - Yes, we encourage you to keep in touch with your child who will benefit from knowing that someone in addition to his or her family really cares. 
  31. How my sponsored children reply my letters? - Our sponsorship staff translates your letter to the child. The child is then made to reply the letter helped by elder children in their home or by other staff.
  32.  Can I visit my sponsored child? - Yes, we welcome sponsor who make a visit to their child. However, the best season to visit Mussoorie is "April toJune" and "September to November".
  33. How long does the sponsorship last? - It depends on the sponsor who decides to continue with or discontinue with the help. However, we request our sponsors to continue their sponsorship throughout the child's school years.
  34. What do you do in case a donor discontinues their donations and child continues to meet therequirement? - Tibetan Homes Foundation will support the child from our reserve funds and try to find for another donor to sponsor the same child.
  35. What happens when a child passed out from school or THF? - Once a child graduated from our institute, they are admitted in different colleges and universities to pursue their higher studies.
  36. Do you have any scholarship program? - Students continuing their higher studies were provided with scholarship based on the criteria to achieve the benefit.
  37. Are my sponsorship payments and donations tax deductible? - Yes, all the contributions made to THF are fully tax deductible as under the Indian Societies registration act, XXIV of 1860.
  38. Is there any other way to help your organization? - If you do not wish to commit to sponsorship but would like to support our mission, you can do this by making general donations.
  39. How can I make general donations? - General donations can be made by visiting the "Donate Now" tab on the homepage where you will get all the details.
  40. What If I have other questions or concerns? - For any questions or concerns, reach us at or We will get back to you at earliest or you can also submit your enquiry on our web page.

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