Career Resource Center (CRC) is one of the important departments in the school. CRC is used by the students from Grade 1 to 12. Our school career counselor is the head of this department. CRC provides information, data specific counselling sessions throughout the academic session for the students studying in THS Mussoorie. The key role of school CRC is to educate and motivate students through discussion and data analysis and help students prepare for college education by studying and selecting the right career option for their Higher studies (Post School Education)

CTC also play the role of therapeutic center for the improvement and strengthening of Emotional hygiene of our students. This center also provides counselling and information on growth and development of adolescence supporting their emotional, social, academic needs, working with teachers, foster parents, and school administrators.

CRC also provides life skill education and one-on-one or group counseling to the students who have behavioral problems. This department also educate Universal Human Values for the discharge of Universal Responsibility by organizing activities focus on Think Globally Act Locally.


Meet the Career Counselor


Mr. Tenzin Chomphel