Principal Message


Dear Colleagues,

We all the stakeholders of school must keep in mind that the very purpose of setting up this school is to provide a holistic education to our children with a modern education along with our highly valued Tibetan traditional education, so that when these children complete the formal education they become a contributing and productive citizen in the society they live in without losing their own identity of being a Tibetan. So, on the basis of this aim we all must strive hard to provide the necessary education to our future citizens.

Our Institute strives hard in providing all the necessary facilities required for shaping our children to become a productive, reliable and responsible person in the society when you graduate from the school and step into the larger societies in future.

Dear children,

Our Institute offers education to you primarily forimparting new knowledge,for the improvement ofyourintellectual and judgment capacity,importance of respecting the seniors, improvement of your self-discipline and punctuality, development of positive will power, to look after your physical health and sanitation, and many new skills needed to utilize in your life. Through good education you will be able to know your own rights, your roles and duty in the society with good sense of judgment. Always remember that your primary aim of acquiring education should be to serve your community and the society you live in at large to the best of your ability. I believe that giving education should not be self-centered for personal gain and link with obtaining of lucrative job as a primary end-purpose in your life in the form of “Reward and Punishment”. Through proper education you can become a wholesome responsible citizen in the society enriched with wisdoms and can be able to face any kind of challenges in difficulty situations and also able to tackle any kind of tasks amicably in ease in your life.

Thorough this message I wish to remind our children that you should never forgetyour own identity as a Tibetan and the purpose of your parents and relatives leaving in exile in India under the leadership His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The very survival of our identity in the world is now at the risk with innumerable distractions on the ways with the flow of times for our budding citizens. Your parents and senior fellows have left no stone unturned to preserve our identity in this world in 20th century in highly difficulty situations. Now in the new millennium of 21stcentury the responsibility will come to you to preserve and dissipate our rich culture and tradition. It is only through acquiring proper education and hard work you can preserve our culture, religion and tradition in your life and pass these sacred values to next generations. So, be ready to accept these challenges and shoulder the responsibilities in the days to come for our future citizen.

With my best wishes,

Dr. Pasang Dhondup
THS Mussoorie