Establishment History

Homes under THF initially setup in 1962 according to the vision and guidance of His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama. The first General Secretary of THF, started the project with three Homes with seventy five orphaned and destitute Tibetan refugee children. This initiative has grown into a institution with over 2000 orphan, semi-orphan, destitute children living in 58 Homes and three hostels, receiving a system of education having traditional Tibetan education as its Core and modern education as its essential co-partner in the main residential school at Mussoorie and two branches located at Rajpur and near Rishikesh.

Home No. 1 Home No. 2 Home No. 3 Home No. 4
Home No. 5 Home No.7 Home No. 8 Home No. 10
Home No. 12 Home No. 14 Home No. 15 Home No.18
Home No. 22 Home No. 23 Home No. 24 Home No. 25
Home No. 26 Home No. 27 Home No. 28 Home No. 29
Home No. 30 SOS Homes Girls Hostel